Walking through the GIANTS - Calaveras Big Trees and the world beneath- Mercer Caverns

For a weekender we picked the Big Trees Calaveras and the Mercer Caverns as a family friendly place. We love it because of the adventure and the quaint town that takes you back during the gold rush era. It is a best place and safe place to take your children for a quick hike and tour. Our suggestion is to purchase a year long parking with the California Department of Parks and Recreations to get a great discounts. If you have a 4th grader, your 4th grader is FREE of charge for the entire year. Don't forget to pack your own refillable water container because you will need to hydrate. My family enjoyed trekking under the caverns with a tour guide, trying out some gold panning, and the walk through the GIANTS (Calaveras Big Trees). Total time spent- just one weekend short but very memorable trip.

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