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momtraveler1 loves Dapper+Crown clothing

momtraveler1 loves DAPPER + CROWN CLOTHING. The aspect that I love the most is its versatility and travel-friendly qualities. Light to pack and you can mix and match their pieces with different piece and shoes.



Here is their story..... We are a family owned brand and both our family and our company care about supporting local manufacturing, therefore all of our clothes are made right here in Los Angeles. This also affords us to be intimately involved in the entire creative process. We get to see our designs from beginning to end—and make sure every stitch is in place for you and the children you adore. You will love our clothes as much as we do—for years to come! Sincerely, Yves (owner of Dapper and Crown Co) website   dappercrownclothing

Most of us, when we travel we love to be able to play the sports we love, and some of us love to play golf.  I know some of my friends are avid golf players, and any chance and time they can go out and play they will.  That means, extra packing and extra luggage carryons.  Hey, the best thing that we came across is the NEXBELT, because of its flexibility, versatility, and durability.  Momtraveler1 highly recommends this product because of its quality and function. My husband just needs one belt during our travels and that means less packing for me. For more information check out nexbelt.

McWay Falls on PCH Hwy 1. Photo credit BruceChiong Photography


Bruce Chiong Photography

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Bruce Chiong Photography

Suggested music on your long road trips....

We love listening to Morgan Ashley's music at Morgan Ashley World


If you need a reliable Family Car for your next Road Trip Adventures, we recommend..

Triple 8 Auto Broker


They sell and lease cars. Momtraveler1 used them, and we had the best car buying experience. Our family cars were delivered literally in front of our house without the hassles and a long wait in a typical dealer shop.



Triple 8 Auto Broker is the Trusted auto broker since 2006. Just click the link for more information.



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